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    This blog contains thoughts on Bitcoin, Time, and Much More (if there is anything more...)

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xBBB.world/Swan (set up secure recurring Bitcoin buys, get $10 and a free book to start learning about Bitcoin!) 

xBBB.world/Strike (get $10 for signing up - send money to friends for free, buy bitcoin, and convert your direct deposit to Bitcoin!) 

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xBBB.World/Aspiration (get $50-300 to bank with Aspiration, where you'll get up to 3% interest on your checking account and cashback at planet-changing merchants. Aspiration also provides unlimited fee-free ATM withdrawals with Allpoint. We also round up every purchase we make to plant a tree with Aspiration)

xBBB.world/BitRefill (Bitcoin Rewards browser plugin for % back at tons of sites and giftcards)

xBBB.world/SatsBack (Earn no-KYC bitcoin back online!)

xBBB.world/ProtonMail (Secure your email and cloud storage)

xBBB.world/Atomic (generate yield while holding your own keys - BETA)

xBBB.world/noah (Pay, Spend, Save, and Earn with your Bitcoin! Get Early Access Here!)


Bitcoin Discord Communities (Learning & Hanging Out):

xBBB.world/Discord (HODL.Rodeo)

xBBB.world/bitcoineducationdiscord (Bitcoin Education by @NeedCreations)

xBBB.world/bitcoinkindergartendiscord (Bitcoin Kindergarten)

xBBB.world/BitcoinDiscord (Bitcoin Twitter Feeds and more)

xBBB.world/TheArtBancDiscord (The Art Banc)

xBBB.world/LightningStoreDiscord (Lightning.Store) 

xBBB.world/voltagediscord (Voltage.Cloud)

xBBB.world/folddiscord (Fold)

xBBB.world/noahdiscord (NOAH)

Bitcoin Discord Communities (Gaming & Earning):

xBBB.world/THNDRGamesDiscord (THNDR Games)

https://xbbb.world/mintgoxdiscord (MintGox)

xBBB.world/BLGDiscord (Bitcoin Lightning Gaming)