Ain't Nothing To It But To Do It - Do You Really Wanna Know?

Ain't Nothing To It But To Do It - Do You Really Wanna Know?

How do we keep the lights on here? We depend less on lights for one thing.

We earn on referrals for tools we use to SAVE TIME! One of the most important things to do is save your mental peace for when you really need it. Saving TIME always helps!

The referred services and tools have helped us acquire, store, and utilize BITCOIN. Bitcoin is a magnificent tool that makes it easier to SAVE TIME!

Easy ways to get started (ain't nothin to it!):

  • SWAN for obtaining Bitcoin (
  • FOLD to earn bitcoin when you spend fiat (
  • STRIKE to turn fiat into Bitcoin, send money to friends, and pay Bitcoin invoices with Fiat (turning your fiat into a small business's Bitcoin!) (

This is all you need to start your journey to become a Bitcorn Cowboy, partner.

Referral Roundup:

Dollar Cost Average with (AKA

  • an EZ Way to SAVE TIME and automate your Bitcoin Savings

  • loads of support and great information

  • Bitcoin Only - no distractions

  • lower fees than most

Use STRIKE App -

  • buy Bitcoin instantly with no fees

  • send any currency to anyone

  • turn your direct deposit (or a % of it) directly into bitcoin

Spend with FOLD Debit Card -

  • chance to win a Bitcoin on every purchase

  • 1-3.5% back in Bitcoin on every purchase

  • fun to use

Fiat Banking with Aspiration -

  • gives 1% interest on checking account (better than the rest)

  • at least they’re trying, you get $50, and a bank account that refunds ATM fees worldwide

  • have helped me with lots of problems in my ‘adventures in fiat-world’ saga

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