HODL.Rodeo is thick with rough analogies and metaphors, of which many are bound to be corny, many are bound to be not as corny, and some of which are bound to assist someone engaged in an effort of understanding (like it or not suckas).

The goal here is to produce something that says something unique or steadfast to you that assists in your efforts. Something that sticks in your head until it becomes useful.


There are Difficulties, a🦶foot!

To deal with many Difficulties, we compare things, often expressed through equivalencies - ‘this is correlated/causative of that because of ABC’ and it solves this Difficult E (difficulty). This is expressed and solved through words, contracts, and exchange of money for many modern functions.

We have all learned many A's, B’s, C’s (all of the above, facts & feelings of life, memories, and histories) to address the big D’s (Difficulties) in ours and others' lives.

We could all use some more E’s and Z’s

After the Difficult E’s comes True Ease and Zzzz’s


Again - we all know our ABC’s. We know about the Difficult E’s. We know it could be EZier. We could all use more Z’s.

(pause for Nick Cage’s recitation of the alphabet in your head if you have the memberry)


We are also very learned, and we understand that multitudes and contradictions can be contained in one, or many vessels. We witness this daily.

We assume HODL.Rodeo is using ‘we’ colloquially and not forcing you to assume the same position, he just doesn’t want to say ‘i’ over and over again because it’s just tiresome, and wishes he had better words for hedging his riskier word paths and stretched metaphors to elucidate the nuances that can help navigate the Difficult E’s.

It is natural that each word, thought, memory, place, etc, be interpreted each time it is presented to the mind. We each build shortcuts and pathways for things we know how to handle (i do ‘A’ when ‘B’ and ‘C’)

We love and hate the lessons that keep on giving. We endlessly praise our memories that give us delightful ideas and feelings upon each visitation, and we politely attempt to decline the tougher lessons until we are ready to handle them.

We love this idea so much that all of our words mean five or more things now, and while we can communicate more, the possibility, implications, and results of being slightly misunderstood are comically exaggerated.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner Baby!

HODL.Rodeo understands that there are a load of nuanced puzzles at hand today. Difficulties Afoot!

We have a technique called YODL & HODL (coming in the next episode, YODL & HODL 2) to help up all stretch a bit to reach our Ease and Zzz’s

We All Go Or None Of Us Goes BABY!


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