Earning and Saving Bitcoin

Earning and Saving Bitcoin


You Gotta Relax!

The referred services and tools have helped us acquire, store, and utilize BITCOIN. Bitcoin is a magnificent tool that makes it easier to SAVE TIME!

Easy ways to get started:

  • SWAN for obtaining Bitcoin (SWANBORCE.com)
  • FOLD to earn bitcoin when you spend fiat (xbbb.world/fold)
  • STRIKE to turn fiat into Bitcoin, send money to friends, and pay Bitcoin invoices with Fiat (turning your fiat into a small business's Bitcoin!) (xbbb.world/strike)

This is all you need to start your journey to become a Bitcorn Cowboy, partner.

Referral Roundup:

Dollar Cost Average with SWANBORCE.com (or SwanBitcoin.com/SWANBORCE)

  • an EZ Way to SAVE TIME and automate your Bitcoin Savings

  • loads of support and great information

  • Bitcoin Only - no distractions

  • lower fees than most

Use STRIKE App - xbbb.world/STRIKE

  • buy Bitcoin instantly with no fees

  • send any currency to anyone

  • turn your direct deposit (or a % of it) directly into bitcoin

Spend with FOLD Debit Card - xbbb.world/FOLD

  • chance to win a Bitcoin on every purchase

  • 1-3.5% back in Bitcoin on every purchase

  • fun to use

Fiat Banking with Aspiration - xbbb.world/Aspiration

  • gives 1% interest on checking account (better than the rest)

  • at least they’re trying, you get $50, and a bank account that refunds ATM fees worldwide

  • have helped me with lots of problems in my ‘adventures in fiat-world’ saga

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