The Bitcoin Clock - It's Always Time

The Bitcoin Clock - It's Always Time

This project centers around the HODL.Rodeo Bitcoin Clock Cycle. If you can do these, all the TIME, you’re surfing.

Stack Sats (SS)

Buy The Dip (BTD)


Master of Corn (MOC)

We have a Dad Hat for each TIME on the HODL.Rodeo Bitcoin Clock (SS, BTC, HODL, MOC). We’ve found Dads to be especially susceptible to certain Bitcoin misinformation so we made these hats for their tired heads.

‘It’s Always Time’ Bitcoin Clock Coaster

The HODL.Rodeo Bitcoin Clock helps you save time by only giving you one answer - it’s ‘ALWAYS TIME!’

We've printed this clock on a 6 inch mat. You can use it as a coaster, a dab mat, or a buddy who always knows what time it is.


Dad Hats:

Stack Sats, Dad!


Buy The Dip, Dad!

Hold On For Dear Life, Dad!

Master of Corn Dad


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