YODL & HODL 2: 'The Juice'

YODL & HODL 2: 'The Juice'



You Only Die Living.

YODL is something that is so rarely wrong you might call it a fact if you believe in facts past their usefulness dates. Quasi-Facts are useful for practicing ‘Don’t Panic!’ (thanks Doug).


Baby Bitcoin's first word was HODL. A bitcoin user mistakenly created the word in a frantic attempt to tell everyone that to HOLD Bitcoin was the sanest way to approach Bitcoin. It began as a mistake or typo, but it has grown to mean 'Hold On for Dear Life' among Bitcoiners.

HODLing, or the act of purchasing and never selling Bitcoin, turns out to be one of the most successful strategies in terms of returns thus far.

Hold On For Dear Life, friends.

Bring on some Corn

At HODL.Rodeo, HODLing is what makes us us. We HODL on to anything that remains useful. We recognize that like diamonds, many great things come from something HODL’d under epic pressures. We also recognize that like sunsets, it doesn’t always have to be so hard.

This is not a con, it’s just corn-ease. Greases the big EZ. Gets the people going.

Are you done with games? In games, the act of HODLing is assisted (read: not done by you) by the force majeures that are built into the system.

Gamified mechanisms (laws, governments, states, third parties, etc) have held society together, for better and for worse (gotta have both, baby).

In life, you HODL what is dear to you, and what lasts. You HODL on to the things that help you without taking advantages or shortcuts.

You HODL on to the things that last, and the things that last end up being the things you’ve HODL’d, like it or not.

Life’s a Rodeo, HODL tight.

Don’t Be a Clown for “Too Long”, and don’t make it “Too Hard” for Clowns to Step Down and Join You.


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